Further Ado
Danny Mabie, Drums | Mike Gilbert, Bass | Marc Meyer, Guitar | Ray Mabie : Vocals | Jamie Fenton, Guitar


Hannibal Mo / Quincy Il


New...old...rock...country... with a high energy stage presence. We have all played in area bands for years...Rude Awakening, Night Rider, PreDawn Hour, SuperImposed, Big Richard just to name a few. We take our music serious, but keep it fun and entertaining for our fans.


Some years back Jamie,Ray, and Mike had a project called Simon Sez that led to a Rude Awakening reunion so this ended the the Simon Sez project. As we all played in various groups through the years we remained friends, after a couple of failed projects recently Mike and Jamie were contacted by Danny (of predawn hour fame and Rays son) about playing in a band that would play all types of music. With Ray as vocalist and Marc added on guitar, the lineup became solid and we started rehearsing...thats the short version. Hope to see all of you down the road somewhere.


9/11 : furtheradoband.com was started in September of 2011, and in the next couple months we will continue to fill it out as time permits. The temporary link is www.furtherado.minornotes.com pending domain transfer.

9/11 : DNS pointers and addresses have been changed. Our official web address is now furtheradoband.com

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